Phoenix SEO Audits and Analytics

An analytics strategy is vital for monitoring the success of your digital marketing efforts. This is especially true for SEO. That’s why we use SEO audit and analytics tools to measure the success of our work.

We also offer Phoenix businesses a standalone monthly SEO audit report subscription for only $10 per month! Uncover vital business insights for less than the cost of most streaming services, delivered automatically to your inbox.

Leading SEO Audit and Analytics Tools to Monitor Your Success

There are many tools that monitor a website’s search engine rankings and traffic. We use two industry leaders: Google Analytics and SEMrush.

These platforms allow us to monitor which search phrases (keywords) a website is ranking for, how much traffic those keywords are sending, and the actions visitors are taking on your site.

A graphic depicting monthly analytics reports

Beyond SEO Rankings: Discovering Customer Pain Points

Let’s be clear: SEO rankings are useless if they aren’t converting. 

It really doesn’t matter how much traffic your website gets if it doesn’t bring you more business.

That’s why our Phoenix SEO audits and analytics don’t just focus on how much traffic is coming to your website, but also on what that traffic is actually doing.

This is the key to online success: if your site is earning traffic but not business, why? What pain points are preventing your visitors from becoming customers?

Sometimes, it’s a problem with your website’s user interface. Other times, their expectations aren’t being met. For example, your website’s copy may not connect with them as effectively as you thought.

Solving Customer Pain Points With Audits and Analytics

Google Analytics maps out user journeys on websites. We can use this information to find out the precise step in the customer journey that’s driving people away.

Once we know where people are dropping out of the sales funnel, we can review the experience with you and determine how to fix it. This way, SEO doesn’t just drive traffic, it drives business.

Auditing the Right Keywords

Business owners often make mistakes about what their target audience is looking for and their intent behind it. For example, if you own a car wash, you might think “environmentally-friendly car washing in Phoenix” could be a lucrative keyword.

But what if no one is actually searching for that? You could spend time and money targeting a phrase that will never drive traffic.

Or, what if people are searching for that, but their goal isn’t what you think? They might be searching for ways to wash their car at home in a manner that’s friendly to our desert environment. Even if you write a blog post that ranks for that keyword, it may still never lead to conversions.

The SEO audit and analytics tools we use help us determine searcher intent. In other words, we can ascertain why users are searching for a specific keyword. If their intent is more informational than commercial, it might be a waste of effort to target it.

Of course, these tools aren’t always perfect. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to better understand your goals and customers.